So i got her to do it a lot last night, but she hated the camera, and juggling  the camera, food and my other hand became a task. So this morning i just tried to get her to high-five me without clicking just for some pictures, and she was completely into it this morning.


Hamper bit my finger last night. It hurt a bit, though it really caught me off guard more than anything. I waited to post to let the angersubside.

She is clicker trained and such. The high-fiving is going well! She even does it mostly with one paw, which is awesome (P < .001).

The clicker training was really hard for her, and me. But after changing up a lot, going through three types of food delivery mechanisms (hand, toilet paper tube, and PVC pipe) she finally got it. I do have to thank Mr. Tweedale for the idea. I’ve been attempting to get her to do the High-five, but she gets confused sometimes and doesn’t know what to do since my hand is in the box.

Woooooo! I think she’s got it. Succinct can wait for my excitement to subside. The whole clicking and her coming this is happening, and i’m so proud of her.

On another note; a co-worker at my job gave me a tiny skateboard, and hamper has no interest in it. Kudos to the guy who got his rat to ride it.

P.S. Brain squeaks really loudly.

P.P.S. It wasn’t my fault i swear.

I’m fairly certain that shes got it down. I even got a video of it!

She still misses it a few times, and still loves to try and escape and such though. I plan on starting my trick training by tonight sometime, and maaaybe it’ll be done by the weekend? High hopes right?

I really think that she’s done well today! She actually came a few times when i clicked, and overall cooperated with the training. She did  get a bit angry at one point and steal my clicker again, but besides that… and well…

She learned that i keep the food on the outside. And once that happened, she thought it would be better to escape out the food tube and just snack on the bits when i was setting up my phone for a video. Sooo i’m going to lowes tomorrow night and getting a nice PVC pipe and putting it in with some sort of…super anti-rat glue. Non-toxic and such of course! I’d rather not have her die from escaping when shes taking a turn for the better in training!!

Even if she still steals my clicker, i think tonight i did some good training with hamper. She made me  so proud when i clicked and she came, but i’m fairly certain that it was a fluke or she was just trying to get my hopes up to later make the fall from grace all the better to watch from her cage.

More on that tomorrow night.
PS, i think she steals the clicker when shes full.

So i took a note from a friend, Joseph Tweedale’s blog. And i turned my terra-bad shelf into the redheaded step child of a food delivery device. Using a paper towel tube cut in half, a gatorade bottle top and more tape that i’d really like to admit… It seemed like a great idea! Then my roommate went and jinxed it. Saying the hole was too big after i had already put it on.


Back to the drawing board.